Friday, May 23, 2008

Reflection Paper on Gallagher's English Class

This is a reflection on my growth in english class. It's read like a diary, and i hope you enjoy it. If you would, post your own reflection on english class this year!

Extras in English

English involves many, many different things. From Greek mythology, to biographies, to even a sports column that uses techniques to lure reader's eyes. There is so much that everyone can have fun in relating to at least one type of literature associated with english. I found Greek mythology very interesting here, in the myth of sisyphus.

A Final English Essay

This is a piece of work where I've used research discussion, and a lot of my time. It feels so relieving when you finish something of this caliber.

Discussion- Brainstorming for English

Brainstorming with mutiple people increases your discussion. The discussion can bring new ideas that you haven't thought of yet, and you will be helping other people. Here is an example; this is not the actual conversation, but what I got out of it.

Researching. More developing.

In order for lengthy, strong essays, the writer needs to apply his or her knowledge, therefore the knowledge needs to be vast. Here some work I have compiled by researching. Doing this was the real way to prepare for a good essay.

Development in English

As stated, and it is obvious, we need to start somewhere to begin developing our writing skills. I have one of my earlier pieces of work here, and it is easy to see some potential but also some errors.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Example of English

This is a piece of work on did, describing the latest artwork of Amy Sillman,
who I am curerntly researching.