Friday, April 18, 2008

Example of English

This is a piece of work on did, describing the latest artwork of Amy Sillman,
who I am curerntly researching.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Procrastinating!!! English

Leaving English homework for the last day before the deadline is something everyone has toyed with, even me, but in my opinion, you shouldn't play around with English homework. If you give a small amount of remaining time to do the work, everything is limited, for everything uses periods of time. There is little time to research, think idly, type or write, and you will also inflict yourself with stress. The lack of sleep lowers your brains current potential, and the stress' sweat will make you smell. Not to mention the acne problems you can have from obsessively procrastinating English work.

Being Serious With English

Aside with having fun with English, you can also exercise your ability to write with serious, analytic writing projects. Instead of fun being your ultimate motivation, anticipating a personal growth in finishing the project would be what keeps a productive person like yourself to initiate such a project. Long, working hours is required.

Be strong.